Electro Music Expanding Everywhere?

If at this point you haven’t heard about Electro House you need to get out more. This is probably the most heard form of house. It has hit all of the clubs all around the globe.

This style of music reached the same popularity level of seventys disko in only 10 years.That moment seems like a unchanged piece of history, doesn’t it?

Actually, that was that time and in the present we are making history with every song. The style of music is popular in TV shows as well as as well as those awsome commercials.

Many modern radio stations now have specific chanells just for electro house. Many people are determined to find out where did this style of music emerge from. As with most music history, it isn’t certain.

Luckily there is at least one mark in history that clears a few things up. It was in the early 2000s when a big movement of electroclash being mixed with synth pop. Meanwhille, tech house was also becoming more known and gaining some serious buzz. When the two were combined that is when Electro House came to be the way it is now. At first it might seem as if this isn’t something to go crazy for, but when people heard it they went crazy over it. Everyone who heard it could not deny that they didn’t like it. With so many artist attempting to recreate this style only one was able to reach serious world fame from it. Benny Benassi. Mixing both electroclash and tech house he was able to create music that moved people. The song blew up and went viral around the globe, topping all charts. “Satisfaction” was one of those songs that people would have stuck in their head for days. This song still continues to receive a lot of attention even now. It won world wide rewards as well as make Benny Benassi the father of Electro House.

Soon after this hit many more artist with this style came out as well.